Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale
Laboratoire d’Océanologie et des Geosciences

32 Ave. Foch
62930 Wimereux, FR
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Research interests
Microbial Ecology. Microbial trophodynamics, ranging from bacterial activities to the feeding selectivity of protozoa, and to the relationships of microbes with higher level mesozooplankton and biogeochemistry.  Utilizing molecular tools to explore microeucaryote diversity in a functional and ecological context

2002: Accreditation for professorship (Habilitation  à diriger des recherches) Université de la Mediterrannée, Marseilles, France .

1992-1995: PhD in Oceanography, University of Aix-Marseille II, Marseilles, France

1988-1990: Msc in Oceanography, University of Athens

1985:  Msc in Hydrobiology, University of St. Petersbourg, Russia

1979-1984: Bsc in Biology, University of Athens

Undergoing projects

2011-2015:  KEOPS 2 : Kerguelen Ocean and plateau compared study 2 » INSU/IPEV/ANRcoordinator (S. Blain, Paris VI)

see the KEOPS active protists

2013-2016:DEMO - The Underexplored Diversity of a well studied coastal system- Eastern Englinsh Channel - Metagenomic Aprroach. Coordinator U. Christaki

La DivErsité sous-explorée d’un système Côtier bien étudié- la Manche orientale – Approche Metagén-nèOmique

2013-2016: ROME: Rare and Overlooked Microbial Eukaryotes in aquatic ecosystems

ANR Blanc SVSE 7 cooridnator T. Sime-Ngando


Aquatic Microbial Ecology